Whether it’s trudging through the thorny rules of grammar or picking a path through the potential pitfalls of punctuation, editing is really about asking questions. Will the writing make sense to the audience? Does it have the polish of consistent style? Can we keep readers from wanting to bang their heads on a table at the sight of a typo?

Yes, we can.

What I do

  • Content editing
  • Copy editing
  • Proofreading

What I’ve done

Austin Traveler magazine

With my business partner, I co-founded Austin Traveler magazine. I did every job there is in magazine publishing: writing, editing, design, production, accounting and advertising sales.

With Austin Traveler, we wanted to do something different from the standard "if you go" travel pieces. We provided a place for people to tell funny, embarrassing, touching or just plain weird stories from their travels.  We also highlighted cool things to do with an international flavor in Austin, including restaurants, music and event listings.