“Lisa Roe served as PR and social media manager for Chula League’s Little Artist BIG ARTIST 2016 program. Lisa is a phenomenal writer and organizer. She developed all social media content, created press releases and wrote some fantastic blog posts. Her voice and writing style are compelling, engaging and, well, she just tells a good story! Lisa also did an amazing job organizing the Spring Art Show opening. She handled everything from getting content from the artists to coordinating with the venue to organizing food for 100+ hungry children, parents and guests. Lisa is fantastic and any organization would benefit from her expertise and can-do attitude.” — Pati Shampton, Chula League


"Lisa was able to craft targeted wording and make the most of photos and other assets. She went the extra mile, coordinating interviews and writing scripts. In almost no time she became familiar with who we are and our program's goals, and was off and running. Lisa took our PR to a whole new level." — Jennifer Ramos, Little Artist BIG ARTIST program coordinator