I’m a writer, an editor and a Facebook true believer who enjoys trying to make my friends laugh.

A few of my great loves are:

  • Travel. (I’ve done quite a bit of that.)
  • Going out to hear live music. (I always want to do more of that.)
  • Listening to my teenagers talk. (I hope I do about the right amount of that.)

I worked as a news copy editor for nine years. The movie “Spotlight” made me miss those days terribly.

I published my own magazine, Austin Traveler, when I had two small children and worked at home. I don’t miss those days as much.

I’m a serial volunteer. My current focus is Refugee Services of Texas in Austin.

I think education is the key to solving the world’s problems.

I collect vintage photographs and ephemera (which you see on this website), mid-century modern serving pieces and art.

Three truths and a lie

One of these things is not like the others. Can you spot which one?

  1. I lived in Iran in the 70s before the revolution.
  2. I have a shrine to Elvis with candles and a lock of his hair.
  3. I watch Billy Squier’s career-ending video of “Rock Me Tonite” once a year on my birthday.
  4. My favorite radio station is Little Steven’s Underground Garage.

The answer is below this photo at the Greatest Club in All the Land, Austin's Continental Club.

The lie: I have a shrine to Elvis but not a lock of his hair. I do, however, own a reproduction of his driver’s license.